Summary: Is one of the most powerful villains in DBZ, but isn't FTL and has never fought anyone who is FTL.

Tier: One of the most threatening villains in Dragon Ball Z, but is pretty much gum, so he's bad. 5-A

Name: Majin Buu

Origin: Dragon Ball Z

Powers and Abilities: Flight, maybe Teleportation we don't know, Kamehameha, Chocolate Beam, Absorbtion, and tearing Dimensional Holes through stuff, Regeneration, Nothing Important.

Attack Potency: Large Planet Level+, not Solar System Level despite being stronger than Cell who is Solar System Level, is considered to be more destructively capable than Kirby even though that's probably false. Is stronger than SSJ3 Goku

Speed: Relativitic, definitely Slower than Light because we said so, despite any feats or scaling that put him at FTL+ to MFTL Speeds, has definitely never fought ANYONE faster than light.

Durability: Trash Level because we think he's gum, probably not even Planet Level because he had to regenerate after destroying the earth.

Lifting Strength: Probably Trash

Striking Strength: Also Trash

Intelligence: Really Really Low

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Weaknesses: Slow, Weak, Horrible Durability, is totally made of gum, you know, the basics.

Notable Wins: Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, Goku (Pre Super Saiyan God)

Notable Losses: Yang, Kirby, Superman, Link, and Ganondorf

Inconclusive Matches: None Notable

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