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Do you even splash?


Magikarp is the most powerful being in existence. It is the god among gods among gods. Deal with it.

Powers and Abilities

Tier: Above being above the concept of tiers

Name: Magikarp

Origin: It is the origin

Gender: Fishy-fish

Age: Has existed forever

ClassificationTHE FISH (in that exact format)

Powers and Abilities: Utlimately ultimate super ultra extreme splashing

Attack Potency : Magikarp level

Speed : Magipresent

Lifting Strength : Class Magic (has lifted infinitely infinite Magikarp and Mega Metagross and Primal Groudons and ...)

Striking Strength : Class Karp

Durability : Magikarp level. Nothing will defeat it. NOTHING

Stamina: All the stamina necessary

Range: Infinitlely infinite places

Standard Equipment: Water, fins, thongs

Intelligence: Magiomniomniomniomniscience

Weaknesses: Evolving


Notable Victories

  • Mega Rayquaza
  • Your mother
  • Logic
  • Arceus

Notable Losses

Inconclusive Matches

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