Boom! Headshot! Get rekt n00b!


This is what makes the magic happen in MLG! The NoScope Gun!

Powers and Stats

Tier: MLG

Name: MLG NoScope Gun

Origin: MLG DankVille

Gender: It's a gun

Age: N/A

Classification: 3L33t H4xx0rz 720 N0sc0p3 Xx_N00B_Sl4y3r_xX 720 B4ng B4ng

Powers and Abilities: No Scoping 720, Infinite Ammo, Infinite Clip Size, No Reloading, Ub3r H4xx0rz K1llsh0ts

Wielders: MLG/Dank Characters

Attack Potency: MLG Level (Boom. Headshot. Dead)

Speed: 720 NoScope Bull3tPr3s3nt

Durability: 1nd3struct1bl3

Range: Ub3rpr3s3nt

Weaknesses: None. This is a perfect gun.

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