Jou Luigi


Luigi Kido is an abomination against both science and god. Created by a mad scientist in Tokyo with the soul ambition to create the worlds; neigh; the universes largest laughing stock. Whether he succeeded or not is up to interpretation.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Below the concept of tiers, though rumors have stated that at his best he may reach đŸ’©

Name: Luigi Kido

Age: About a year.

Classification: A literal, living joke

Powers and Abilities: The ability to lose before you can blink

Attack Potency: Below the concept of Attack Potency

Speed: Essentially immobile

Lifting Strength: Crushed by his own weight

Striking Strength: Doesn't know how to move his arms

Durability: If a puppies hair were to land on him, he would collapse

Stamina: Basically none

Range: See "Striking Strength.

Intelligence: Rumor has it that it has Cotton Candy instead of a brain 

Feats: He's still alive, which is impressive 


Notable Victories:

Doesn't know the concept of victory

Notable Losses:

That random fly you just swatted

Inconclusive matches:

The gentle breeze

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