You zoomed in two much or it's 2008 again

Powers and Stats 

Tier: 9-C on 50 inch TV 2-C on Cellphone

Name: i don't know

Origin: Google image search for Low res cats

Gender: All 4 of them

Age: 4 months old

Classification: Low quality picture of cat

Powers and Abilities: Corrupt data files and can make for a snazy backgorund

Attack Potency: Street level can only minorly affect large TV's Mutliverse level (Can Affect a whole screen on cellhpones)

Speed: Low dimesnional (Takes ages to load)

Lifting Strength: 2MB

Striking Strength: 4MB

Durability: Invincible to convential means

Stamina: cat level

Range: Omnipresent 

Standard Equipment: cat toy

Intelligence: Smarter than low res John Cena

Weaknesses: Image enhancer 

Other Edit

Notable Victories:

Digimon verse (Corrupted all of them similtanously)

Low res John Cena

Notable Losses

Image enhancer fom CSI: Miami

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