Tier: High Ocean Tier

Name: Lord K, Ultimate Sempai-Chan

Age: He's VS Battle's sempai, probably been here since the beginning of vs threads everywhere

Classification: Sempai, VS Battles Lord, Advisor of FC/OC

Powers and Abilities: Color Manipulation (Can change the color of your username), Ultimate Kick (Can kick you so hard off the chat that you land in the Stone Age), Possibly Mind Manipulation (Bends people to his will), Calling out blabbermouth Chat Mods (Used against Thebluedash in a Universal Bleach thread, Instant kills), Presence (Kills Chat), Rage Kick (When endangered, he can kick people out so fast that their ass explodes and a foot mark is stuck on said ass)

Attack Potency: High Ocean Level+ (Bureaucrat of VS Battles, can make admin Sheoth his servant)

Speed: Sub-Human level (When called out to chat), Human Level (Normally), Irrelevantly Immeasureable (Through the use of Cinematic Time, though he did not initially agree with it)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant (Is 1-A and has almost as many contributions as Ant, who would be Irrelevant+)

Striking Strength: Irrelevant (Pretty much word of God at VS Battles, destroyed the OPM upgrades)

Durability: High Hyperverse Level+ (Leader of VSBattles, but probably can be kicked out by The Everlasting)

Intelligence: Extremely High (Knew SS was gonna put derogatory words here)

Weaknesses: A SomebodyStupid that's not scared, His Presence causes massive lag

Range: Finger length+, Internet++ in the Internet

Stamina: Very High (Doesn't ban the people in chat)

Standard Equipment: Ban Hammer, Power, Tears of his enemies

Feats: Everyone listens to him (Mind Control???)

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 11.49.45

Yes, I have permission to make this page

Note#2: The contents of this page are listed for the explicit purpose of satire. They are not to be taken seriously, and misuse of this information is denied on grounds of inaccurate quotation.


Notable Victories:

- SomebodyStupid (Reasons can not be spoken of)

- thebluedash (Called him out on his sh*t)

- LordAizenSama (Used his own meme against him in Chat => Lord Kavpeny "You got beat by a teenage strawberry with Raditz-sized hair. Deal with it, Aizen. [LAS's meme])

Notable Losses:


Team Rocket Hideout Remix04:27

Team Rocket Hideout Remix

Chat Theme

Windows Error Remix05:01

Windows Error Remix

Normal Theme

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