Aizen trolls bleach by vizardsakujo

Powers And Abilities

Tier: 3-C, 2-C when creating a verse | Low 1-C

Name: Second Blue, Accelerator Wanker, Forever Heart Mach 29, God

Age: 20

Gender: Male, but gets aroused by those who make good plans

Origins: Vs Battle Wikia

Classification: Trollolol Planing master, Master Planner, Master Planner of Planning, Master Planner of Planning of being a Planner, A guy who needs to get a life and stop planning

Abilities: Plan, Troll, Wank Bleach, Getting ignored by KKappios,

Attack Potency: Galaxy Level, Multi-Universal when making a Verse page | Low Complex Multiversal (Is an Admin after all)

Striking Strength: Class 29 (Can't strike above Class 29)

Lifting Strength29 grams (Can't lift anything above 29 grams)

Durability: City Block level (Can't survive past 29 tons of TNT)

Speed: Mach 28.999999999999999999999999999999999999999 (~ Mach 29)

Range: Peak Internet+

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient (Omniscient when planning)

Weaknesses: Mach 29 Bleach, Angella, TheBlueDash (Prior to becoming a Chat Mod)

Key: Member | Troll Mode/ Admin


Notable Victories:

All other Chat Mods

MikotoMisaka231 (One-Shotted)

-Saitama (As planned)

Notable Losses:

-Mach 29 (Can't surpass it)

-Trollolol (Trolled his plans away)

-Lord Kavpeny (Used his own meme against him in Chat => Lord Kavpeny "You got beat by a teenage strawberry with Raditz-sized hair. Deal with it, Aizen. [LAS's meme]")


Shiro Sagisu - Treachery -Dubstep- (Rayden Remix) -Remake-

Shiro Sagisu - Treachery -Dubstep- (Rayden Remix) -Remake-

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