Lakers Frieza

I am the strongest on the court!


Frieza was brutally killed by Trunks. Then he was revived. Then he got a golden form. Then he joined the Lakers. Now he's slammin dunks and washing down long 3's!

Powers and Stats

Tier: Tier Lakers/3-A

Name: Frieza

Origin: Dragon Ball Z

Gender: Male

Age: Over 70

Classification: Alien/Basketball Player

Powers and Abilities: Slam Dunks, Mad Dribbling, Super Steals, Mega Blocks, 3 Point Accuracy

Attack Potency: NBA Level

Speed: Michael Jordan Level

Lifting Strength: You don't need to lift to play basketball

Striking Strength: Class Dunk (Those dunks shake the damn universe!)

Durability: Unbelievable! (Broke his hand dunking too hard and played through the pain)

Stamina: Immense (Basketball doesn't tire out his golden Lakers form as much as fighting does)

Range: The length of the basketball court

Standard Equipment: Basketball, Jersey

Intelligence: Very High (Displays an uncanny knack for fooling the other team on the court)

Weaknesses: Still capable of tiring if he overexerts himself



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