Krabby clown

"Hey kids, thank you all for coming! Thank you. Eat plenty of Krabby Patties! Arr arr arr."


Meet Krabby The Clown, the clown mascot for the Krusty Krab! Too bad SpongeBob had to go through unbearable physical torture for Krabby to appear...

Powers and Stats

Tier: R1p0ff

Name: Krabby The Clown

Origin: SpongeBob SquarePants

Gender: Male

Age: At least in his 50s

Classification: Clown/Crab

Powers and Abilities: Poor Disguising, Being Funny, Ripping People Off

Attack Potency: Ripoff Level (Ripped off kids for their parents cash)

Speed: As fast as those stubby legs will carry him

Durability: Human Level (Got mauled by a bunch of pissed off kids, though he survived and got force fed lima beans)

Stamina: Moderate (He's old so yeah he's lost a step)

Range: The kids' parents' wallets

Standard Equipment: Blue Tomato, Silly Clothes

Intelligence: Moderate (Being a con man and all, he's smart, but that disguise is piss poor)

Weaknesses: His poor disguise

Notable Attacks/Techniques: N/A


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