The greatest GAYmer in the world. JUST KIDDING! But he is a GAYmer. He fails at everything to the point that he fails at failing. His fail abilities made him fail to beat Bad Luck Brian.

Powers and Stats

Tier: S%^&

Name: Kazuto (Kirito) KiriGAYa

Origin: A s%^& anime about GAYmers

Gender: Shemale


Classification: Failure

Powers and Abilities: Failing at anything and everything

Attack Potency: Failure

Speed: Failure

Lifting Strength: Failure

Striking Strength: Failure

Durability: Dies by oxygen

Stamina: Can't breath without panting (the pain)

Range: Nowhere

Standard Equipment: His failure and screaming

Intelligence: -0 

Weaknesses: Anything and everything

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Nothing notable.


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

MegaMan.EXE (stomp)

Neo (stomp)

Tron (stomp)

Haseo (stomp)

Goku (stomp)

Naruto (stomp)

Master Chief (stomp)

Bad Luck Brian (stomp)

Inconclusive Matches: TOBA

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