Is all that's needed.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Totally not Gary Stu

Name: Kiritama "Baldy with a Sword"

Age: 14 or something

Gender: Mell

Classification: Incredibly Badass Swordsman that makes even Guts look like a cute and timid moe girl.

Powers and Abilities: Whatever he needs to "survive" the world of Swords and Heroes and Monsters

Attack Potency: ONE SLASH Level (Killed everything he hit in just one hit), possibly far higher (one shot the game)

Speed: Hax Level (Speedblitzed multiple speedhackers)

Lifting Strength: Dude, he lifts, no need to ask.

Striking Strength: ONE PUNCH Level (Can one punch people just like Saitama)

Durability: Kirito level (Is completely invincible and invulnerable to any attack because heck, let's just accept it. He's just that cool).

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Anywhere

Standard Equipment: A Big-ass Sword

Weaknesses: Kiritama knows NO WEAKNESS!


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