225px-Kirby Wii

Tier: Whatever tier he needs to be in to beat his opponent

Name: Kirby

Origin: DeviantArt

Gender: Male

Age: Infant

Classification: Pink...puffball...thing

Powers and Abilities: All of them. With his Inhale, he can potentially copy any power. No exceptions.

Attack Potency: Megaversal++++| He beat Master Hand who created the Smash Bros. multiverse| Defeated Magolor who can manipulate all time and space| His Inhale is powerful enough to inhale everything, and his Hypernova is even more powerful

Speed: MFTL++++++++++++++| His Warp Star can run laps around the universe in an attosecond, and his Star Chariot is even faster. Not that it matters, because you won't escape...

Lifting Strength: His Hypernova allowed him to lift a giant radish, thereby making him omniversal by default.

Striking Strength: He punches so fast and hard his stubby little fists exceed space-time, enabling spacial displacement to create a stream of simultaneous rapid punches.

Durability: Infinity+| Survived the destruction of an entire dimension in Magolor's death throes| Is completely unaffected by reality warping and matter manipulation (Hax resistance is an abilty? No, shut up, it's a durability feat. Kirby is God Tier, blasphemer)

Stamina: Never gets tired. Play the games, fool

Range: Beyond 4th Wall Level| No one escapes his Hypernova. Not even you.

Standard Equipment: Star Rod can destroy anything evil, and has the Love-Love Stick (A bit suggestive, if you ask me) which is even more powerful than a rod that can destroy anything.

Intelligence: Despite being a baby, he potentially has the combined intelligence of all characters in all of fiction and reality via Inhale

Weaknesses: None, all weaknesses are completely disregarded so he never loses a VS match. If you don't you're a biased fanboy and a Kirby hater.

Notable Victories:


Majin Buu


Anybody he's up against. DeviantArt Kirby always wins, period.

Notable Losses: DeviantArt Kirby can never, and will never lose because he will be tougher than anyone. ENGLISH, MOTHERFUCKER. DO YOU SPEAK IT!!!?? The only characters that can defeat him are Mayron Starek Legenrok, Zeno-sama (Totally and Completely Accurate) and 孫悟空Son Goku孫悟空(Exaggerated).

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