225px-Kirby Wii

Tier: Whatever tier he needs to be in to beat his opponent

Name: Kirby

Origin: DeviantArt

Gender: Male

Age: Infant

Classification: Pink...puffball...thing

Powers and Abilities: All of them. With his Inhale, he can potentially copy any power. No exceptions.

Attack Potency: Megaversal++++| He beat Master Hand who created the Smash Bros. multiverse| Defeated Magolor who can manipulate all time and space| His Inhale is powerful enough to inhale everything, and his Hypernova is even more powerful

Speed: MFTL++++++++++++++| His Warp Star can run laps around the universe in an attosecond, and his Star Chariot is even faster. Not that it matters, because you won't escape...

Lifting Strength: His Hypernova allowed him to lift a giant radish, thereby making him omniversal by default.

Striking Strength: He punches so fast and hard his stubby little fists exceed space-time, enabling spacial displacement to create a stream of simultaneous rapid punches.

Durability: Infinity+| Survived the destruction of an entire dimension in Magolor's death throes| Is completely unaffected by reality warping and matter manipulation (Hax resistance is an abilty? No, shut up, it's a durability feat. Kirby is God Tier, blasphemer)

Stamina: Never gets tired. Play the games, fool

Range: Beyond 4th Wall Level| No one escapes his Hypernova. Not even you.

Standard Equipment: Star Rod can destroy anything evil, and has the Love-Love Stick (A bit suggestive, if you ask me) which is even more powerful than a rod that can destroy anything.

Intelligence: Despite being a baby, he potentially has the combined intelligence of all characters in all of fiction and reality via Inhale

Weaknesses: None, all weaknesses are completely disregarded so he never loses a VS match. If you don't you're a biased fanboy and a Kirby hater.

Notable Victories:


Majin Buu


Anybody he's up against. DeviantArt Kirby always wins, period.

Notable Losses: DeviantArt Kirby can never, and will never lose because he will be tougher than anyone. ENGLISH, MOTHERFUCKER. DO YOU SPEAK IT!!!??

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