Name: Kecleon

Tier: 2-A

Origin: Decided to run a traveling shop in Mystery Dungeons. Will destroy you if you steel from him.

Gender: Male

Age: I don't freaking know

Classification: Color Swap Pokémon

Powers and Abilities: This thing is Level 100, so it's moves are Ancient Power, Shadow Claw, Sucker Punch, and Substitute. It's abilities are Color Change, and defeating ANY Pokémon in battle except Another Kecleon. It doesn't matter if you are somehow stronger than him, if you are not Omnipotent, prepare to get absolutely destroyed.

Attack Potency: Multiversal+ Possibly Higher (Is Above Complete Arceus in Attack Potency)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Durability: Multiversal+ Possibly Higher (Is Above Complete Arceus in Durability)

Speed: Only as fast as he needs to be to kick your ass. Massively FTL.

Stamina: Infinite (Able to continue to chase you down Infinitely and not let you escape until you make it to the next floor)

Range: Must be right next to you in order to kick your ass

Basic Equipment: Whatever he feels like selling

Intelligence: Very High (Able to run a Traveling Shop very succsessfully)

Weaknesses: Omnipotent+ People

Notable Wins: Pokémon Verse, Digimon Verse, Fairy Tail Verse, Bleach Verse, Naruto Verse, One Piece Verse, One Punch Man Verse, Beerus

Notable Losses: Sosuke Aizen, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Brolypotence, Super Saiyan God Yamcha, Mr.Popo, and Screw Attack Superman.

Inconclusive Matches: Another Kecleon

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