Jojos bizarre adventure stardust crusaders-05-jotaro-star platinum-stand


His name is jotaro kujo but can be called JoJo he is unbeatble with his poses and ORA ORA ORA thing

Powers and Stats

Tier: infinity (Has the force of infinite punches)

Name: Jotaro Kujo, JoJo.

Origin: JoJo's bizzare adventure

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Classification: Human, Stand user.

Powers and Abilities: Time Manipulation (can stop time with his stand) Star Platnium: The World, Flying (using his stand)

Attack Potency: infinity (punches of infinte force)

Speed: FTL (With star platnium: The World) Infinity (he is jojo)

Lifting Strength: infinity (he is still jojo)

Striking Strength: infinity (punches are of infinte force)

Durability: infinity (his jojoness can withstand anything)

Stamina: infinty (doesn't get tired after punching infinite times)

Range: infinity (he is jojo range itself can't comperhend to his jojoness)

Standard Equipment: His school uniform

Intelligence: irrelevant (can punch anything infinte times including inteligence itself)

Weaknesses: Irrelevant (survived Dio's MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA and his poses is so jojo that nothing can hurt him)

Feats: Can ORA ORA ORA anything, poses

Notable Attacks/Techniques: ORA ORA ORA (uses star platnuim to punch anything infinite times)

Key: Being a main charater in JoJo, poses, ORA ORA ORA

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