Joku is the dankest prankster to limp across the universe after getting his booty juggled by superman. Has won many stand up competitions and has said jokes before the best even thought of them. Funnier than Louis C.K. and Carlos Mencia ( but honestly, who isn't). Puns so clever, they are out of comprehension.

Powers and StatsEdit

Tier: -1 joke tier

Name: Joku

Origin: The very essence of the comedic form

Gender: Gender is a joke (according to tumblr)

Age: Older than the oldest one in the book, he created the book.

Classification: Radical youtube prankster

Powers and Abilities: Can make any situation funny, even the most cringeworthy and unfunny things (hence this wiki being born), Can make puns with any spoken or unexisting language. This could go in forever but I would rather not make this to humorous.

Attack Potency: He wastes no time to get to the punchline

Speed: Can out wit the greatest, rumor has it there was a clone of his or another form (that was half as dank and funny) that challenged him and lost. Seriously he wasn't funny.

Lifting Strength: lifted comedy out of the dark ages(the 90's)

Striking Strength: Edgy humor strikes you as shocking

Durability: Can not be hurt, except when superman needs a slow bag(like a speedbag, but more pathetic)

Stamina: Has more than infinite supply of jokes

Range: You know when you get that random funny memory or idea? That is joku granting you the honor of his comedy.

Standard Equipment: Puns, clever wordplay, jokes that take you a while, keemstars career, and the occasional knock knock joke.

Intelligence: Whitter than the whittiest whitter 

Weaknesses: Superman, super dog, super boy, and super Goku

Notable Attacks/Techniques: I'm just saiyan, This page is grrrrrreat

Others Edit

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses: Dane Cook, Nicole Arbour, Jeff Dunam.

Inconclusive Matches: The country of Australia (gg bloody wankers gg)

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