Jeff Da Killa

One of the lamest CrappyPastas.


One day a stupid boy got into stupid trouble, and became a stupid killa. His name was Jeff. He kills with his knife, but has gotten his ass kicked by capable would be victims and is usually on the run. He has been put on trial multiple times and deemed mentally unstable each time and got off scot free because this is a crap story.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 10-B

Name: My name is Jeff

Origin: CrappyPasta

Gender: Marilyn Manson/Male

Age: Presumably in his late teens/early 20s

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: Does being insane to the point of being a moron count?

Attack Potency: Low Human Level (Capable of killing most weak humans like children and most sneak attacks help him, but any capable human can overpower him)

Speed: Low Human Level

Lifting Strength: Not Much (Can't lift anything heavier than a toddler)

Striking Strength: Low Human Class (Rather poor in a straight fight, even against an average human)

Durability: Human Level

Stamina: Moderate (Doesn't really tire, but a good enough beating will leave him helpless)

Range: Melee Range

Standard Equipment: Knife

Intelligence: Low (The fact that he knows how to sneak attack is remarkable)

Weaknesses: Poor hearing, reliant on sneak attacks, not very smart


Notable Victories:

  • A baby doll

Notable Losses:

  • A Krav Maga expert (Got his throat punched in)
  • An convicted felon (Got shanked)
  • An office worker loaded on caffeine (Bashed to death with a computer)
  • A Rottweiler (Got chewed up)
  • A redneck (Got blasted with a shotgun)
  • Another redneck (Got thrown into the TV)
  • Yet another redneck (Got ran over by the redneck's pickup truck)
  • Policeman (Tried to steal the gun, but failed miserably, and got shot in the head)

Inconclusive Matches:

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