Tier: Beyond Memetic.

Name: Jan. A.K.A: Fiction and Reality.

Origin: Nowhere and everywhere.

Gender: Asexual.

Age: Unknown.

Classification: Godly Entity.

Powers and Abilities: All, even memetic powers. Jan is every single character, thing, particle and everything else on fiction, reality and on OC history, with no exceptions. Also, every single thing that is born, even on fiction and reality, has its power added to Jan's own and multiplied infinitely by his powers.

Attack Potency: Unknown. (Considering that he has the attack power of all OC's, fictional characters and real life beings combined and multiplied by themselves, he should have basically unlimited power even by memetic standards. Also, he has the power of putting weaknesses within enemies)

Speed: Irrelevant. (He has the speed, dimensional and conceptual state of every single thing in existance and nonexistence, and concepts such as speed are completely irrelevant)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant.

Striking Strength: Unknown. (Same reason as his AP)

Durability: Unknown. (Same reason as his AP)

Stamina: Beyond Unlimited. (He has the stamina of everything combined and multiplied by itself and by infinite, and each second that passes, it is multiplied by infinite once more)

Range: Unlimited. (He has the range of all characters combined).

Standard Equipment: All equipment possessed by everybody on fiction, OC history and real life.

Intelligence: He has the intelligence of all OC, fiction and real life beings and things, multiplied by itself on a infinite number of times.  

Weaknesses: None, since his powers cancels weaknesses.


Jan is the representation of everything, as in real life, fiction, meme and Original Creations. That means that every single thing that is born/created/thought becomes part of him, and their powers, capacities and abilities are added within him, but the weaknesses are cancelled due to his own conflicting nature. And all of that power is multiplied by itself for innumerable times as each second passes, forever increasing his power.

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

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