The bird itself


A bird that belongs to JonTron, The one and only.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B (Defeated palpatine saving jontron)

Name: Jacques

Origin: JonTronShow

Gender: Omnisexual (As jontron's bird it must obviously share the same gender)

Age: 1 as it's a bird

Classification: Bird 

Powers and Abilities: Lasers, Memory Wipe, Teleportation, Falcon Transformation, Telekenesis, Quicktime Powers, Ryu-like lasers to activate objects.

Attack Potency: Planet Level

Speed: Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: BIRDS DON'T LIFT

Striking Strength: Striked out palpatine from suprise, grabbed him and dropped him into a hole

Durability: Above Bird Level (Tanked lightning despite it being the weakness of birds) 

Stamina: Like humans. Infinite

Range: Better then yours

Standard Equipment: None, It's a bird

Intelligence: Omniscient (Stated to be "All-Knowing")

Weaknesses: JonTron's stupidity

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Look at powers and abllities


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