Totsuka Blade Solos


Powers and Stats

Tier: TotsukaBladeSolos(Tier -1 to 0) Likely higher. Above All Champ.

Name: Itachi/god/Solomaster/Soloking

Origin: All verses in fiction

Gender: Male

Age: 9+10=21(legit age)

Classification: Beyond Gods, Fiction killer,

Powers and Abilities: Totsuka Blade solos manipulation, Mindraping, Seeing through panties vision(Saw a Dick Once when he did it)

Attack Potency: Allversal(Totsuka Blade)

Speed: ∞Omnipresent+

Lifting Strength: He Lift his Totsuka Blade

Striking Strength: Strike with the force to cut through and seal anything


Durability: YataMirrorbility

Stamina: Below average but it Doesn't really matter because he ends all fight with 1 strike m8

Range: Eternity X Infinity

Standard Equipment: Sword

Intelligence: Itachiscience

Weaknesses: Onions and looking at the wrong women with his vision(Homu Homu), Uchiha Sasuke, Konohagakure



Itachi is the definition of hax, which means you can't even get more hax. In fact it's because he's so hax he never loses that they entitled him that.

Troll Skills:

Itachi is also a well-known troll. It's his hobby to constantly remind people of their worthlessness while giving himself and others a good laugh.



Notable Victories:

Too much to list

Notable Losses:


Homu Homu (Guess who's dick Itachi saw with his See through Panties vision?)

Inconclusive Matches:

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