Ichigo cosplaying Yamcha.


Pathetic swordsman, who can't protect shit let alone himself.

Powers and Stats 

Tier💩 as season 1 Ichigo | Low 9-B as soul reaper (Bankai only though) | Possibly Low 9-A as Dangai Ichigo (Those mountains were around the size of small buildings) | At least 9-B with dual zangetsus (Lost his dangai powers, no feats however in this form just assumptions)

Name: Strawberry

Origin: Bang and the dirt is gone

Gender: Speculated to be male (Outlier if you ask me)

Age: 17 but acts like a 12 year old

Classification: Soul shitter, queercy, Yusuke version 2.0

Powers and Abilities: Getsuga Tenshou (Is a one-trick pony, can barely fire a Cero), speedblitz, Can somewhat use a sword but has not shown any skill with it, Getsuga Tenshou, Struggles to master his heritage powers, Yusuke wannabe, he can fly but it's outlier so he can't fly, Getsuga Tenshou, Cries like a bitch when shit gets tough, Getsuga Tenshou, Plotkai power-ups out of his ass (From Tite Kubo), is the most bland, krusty and boring main protagonist in anime history (Has no face or identity), did I mention Getsuga Tenshou?

Attack Potency: 💩 (Got his ass kicked by a fish) | Low wall level Was able to dent wall once | Small building level (Destryoed small mountains) | At least wall level (Via unrealistic assumptions made by Yhwach)

SpeedSlower then shit | Trash Tier | Massively not fast+ | Massively moustache (Catches a moustache)

Yhwach stabs Ichigo

Ichigo getting butt fucked by a moustache.

Lifting Strength: He's never lifted anything before therefore nothing level

Striking Strength: Fragile sword level

DurabilityWall level (Just barely)

StaminaUtter Crap as human| Meh as soul reaper

Range: Compensating sword length

Standard Equipment: A cape , and a shitty sword that breaks all the time.

Intelligence: Fights people without any reason

Weaknesses: Doesn't like fighting, fights people without reason anyway, people who call him strawberry. Females, especially ones with big tits (Possibly gay)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Getsuga tensho: Generic sword energy attack, never actually worked against anyone, nor has it brought him any feats.

Fail Rey Cero: Cool and badass attack but then fail in everything else.

Butt vene: Used it once, it's been so long since he used it last I don't remember what it does.

Wow I'm out of techniques already, Ichigo should get off his ass and learn more then two or probably three since ichigo is lazy bastard that too lazy to even count.

Ichigo gif by haloblabla-d4qho05

"Keep crying baby"-Heavy, 2008


Notable Victories:

Ichigo kurosaki (His real self is even weaker than this...)

Notable Losses:

Himself (This one isn't even a joke)



Bleach verse

Natsu (God this one was painful to write even if this profile is only a joke)


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