Ichigo rough bankai prediction by cypress101-d712zdz

"Cuz baby now you feel like number one, shining bright for everyone!"

Simple 17 year old boy who was made into a Shinigami/Hollow/Quincy/Fullbringer/Visored/Arrancar/Champion of Hell (Lol most of this is actually true) and is still somehow just a human. He has even fought Souske Aizen and used his epic theme song to destroy him, reduced Aizen to Chair-sama. This guy is predicted to basically fight god who absorbed another god who absorbed another god and now he has two swords so he's powerful as fuck. Swords can cut hands. so take your hundreds of Goku profiles and shove them up your A**.

Powers and Stats

  Tier: At least High 5-B , Number One via theme song, Number one+ via Instrumental remix Life wiper+ via Metal remix

Name: Kurosaki Ichigo

Origin: BLEACH

Gender: Male with female singer

Age: 15 and 17

Classification: Soul reaper, human, Hollow, Quincy, Visored, Arrancar, Vasto Lorde, Champion of Hell, Soul King?(most of these are still true tho) and pop star ,also the Dragonborn

Powers and Abilities: Black Getsuga Tenshou, Yellow Getsuga tenshou, Blue getsuga tenshou, Cero that one time, Mugetsu (Black getsuga tenshou but bigger) ,Blut that one time Cross shaped blue getsusga tenshou

Attack Potency: At least Planet level+ (Will kill Yhwach at end of manga, duh), Number One can seriously fuck shit up whenever this song is playing, however the original version did not work on Sousuke Aizen, Instant Life Wiper+++ Doniated Sousoke Aizen with metal remix of Number one

Speed: FTL+ in pre timeskip (Faster then Byakuya, who was faster then light can track) MFTL++++ (Traveled from the soul palace to the troll society in 0.5 seconds)

Lifting Strength: Above Naruto+ at least

Striking Strength: Planet sized mountain+

Durability: Mega Sun level at base, Most likely Transedant+ in dual wield mode, even higher with Blut

Stamina: Unlimited (Stayed in bankai for 4 months)

Range: Getsuga tenshou range

Standard Equipment: Two Zangetsus

Intelligence: Hyper verse+, but cannot tell when a girl wants his D.

Weaknesses: Nonny-kun

Feats: Is able to accomplish anything(including coming back from death) if he hears the magic words from a gingerhead broad:"Kurosaki-kun!!!", Better than Naruto

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

The following Getsuga Tenshous:

Blue getsugatenshou

Yellow Getsugatenshou

Black Getsuga Tenshou

Cross shaped Blue Getsugatenshou

Final getsugatenshou (Can one hit any thing)

Blut vene (Only happend once, most likely PIS)

Key: Mach 29 as human, Bankai, Dual wield, Hell god, Soul King


Notable Victories:

The entire Hueco Mundo (Even got a waifu from there which was Nel)


Naruto (This was ninetails, 100% bjuu sage six paths, Chakra overoad, super fox 4 naruto x1000)

Yusuke (This was Human form Ichigo)

Goku (Theres so many Gokus on this website I forgot which one)

Hell itself

Sosuke Butterflaizen (via mugetsu)

LordAizenSama (matched speeds at Ichigo's human form but as soon as Ichigo turned Soul reaper Quincy Hollow he won)

RWBY The last airbender verse

DJ Khaleed (He asked Ichigo for another one...he could only take one)

Notable Losses:

Goku (Another version of Goku I can't remember)

Pietro removed all the other loses

Inconclusive Matches:

Heaven Ascension Natsu

Chair-sama (due to having aizen++ durabilty)

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