I did it for the rock

I did it for the people.


He did it for The Rock.

Powers and Stats

Tier: WWE Tier

Name: Thong Wearing Fatty

Origin: WWE

Gender: Male

Age: 2000

Classification: Bad Bad Man

Powers and Abilities: Doing it for The Rock, Doing it for the people

Attack Potency : The Rock

Speed : The People:

Lifting Strength : I lifted for The Rock

Striking Strength : I struck for the people

Durability : Rock level

Stamina: Can stinkface endlessly

Range: The range of the people

Standard Equipment: That vehicle that ran over Steve Austin

Intelligence: The people's intelligence

Weaknesses: Not doing it for The Rock


  • Ran over Steve Austin
  • Did it for The Rock
  • Did it for the people



Notable Victories:

  • Stone Cold

Notable Losses

  • Triple H (he was the mastermind)

Inconclusive Matches

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