What are you fucking gay?

Name: iDubbbzTV

Origin: YouTube

Gender: Presumably Male, Proven to be a gentleman

Age: Unknown

Classification: Presumably Human, One of the Three Meme Lords

Powers and Abilities: Massively Omnipresence+, Internet Manipulation and Meme Manipulation, Immunity to Internet Manipulation and Meme Manipulation, High level Meme Manipulation, immortality (type 8)

Destructive Capability: Infinite-Internet+(In one of his battles with Filthy Frank they nearly destroyed Internet reality. Is only under Frank in power)

Speed: Massively Omnipresent+

Lifting Strength: inapplicable

Striking Strength: Infinite-Internet+

Durability: Infinite-Internet+(Was taking hits from Filthy Frank)

Stamina: Limitless+

Range: the entire Internet

Standard Equipment: Cancer

Intelligence: Omniscient+(Should be as knowledgeable as Frank)  

Weaknesses: Crappy Kickstarters, V-Necks

Others Edit

Notable Victories:

Pisces (iDubbbz swiftly dealt with both his crappy kickstarter and his crappy attack video), Jinx

Keemstar (Roasted him so bad that memestar couldn't fight back)

Notable Losses: Kebabbque shop owner

Inconclusive Matches:

Crappy Kickstarters (Despite his weakness to them, iDubbbz has been waging a hard fought war against crappy Kickstarters that continues to this day)

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