Hulk Hogan (Exaggerated)

Time to eat your vitamins and say your prayers brother! HUUULLLLKKKK HOOOGGGAAAANNN!!! (When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside)

The Incredible Hulk Hogan

You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Hulk Hogan Wrecking Ball


Hollywood hulk hogan

Even Hogan turned to the dark side.


This is the definitive ultra composite, super exaggerated, vitamins and prayers to the max.....HULK HOGAN!

Powers and Stats

Tier: Beyond WWE, INCREDIBLE as The Incredible Hulk Hogan

Name: Hulk Hogan


Gender: 100% American Made Male


Classification: The Embodiment Of Wrestling, With 24xInfinity Inch Pythons, Brother!

Powers and Abilities: Hoganpotence, Vitamins And Prayers, Ultimate Pythons, COMPLETE IMMORTALITY, Godly Strength, Godly Speed, Godly Durability, Godly Wrestling, Winning Lawsuits, Wrecking Ball Physiology, Amerrrican....MAAAADDDEEE!, Super Brother Bros Super Brothers, Brotherpotence, Pythonpotence, Wrecking Ballpotence, WWEPotence, Creative Control, Booking Control, Refusal To Put Most People Over, 110 Million Dollar Lawsuit, Flexing, Hulking Up, New World Order | All of the previous abilities, in addition to a protein filled TOAA meal, with his harem of Psylocke, Elektra, Storm, Miss Hancock, (Stacy Keibler) The Nitro Girls, HLA, and She-Hulk Hogan, Exaggerated-Potence To THE MAX

Attack Potency: Beyond WWE Level | Incredibly Beyond WWE Level+++++^Infinity+Russo Booking

Speed: Hoganpresent | Beyond Incredibly Hoganpresent Beyond Infinity++ (Faster than his own wrecking ball)

Lifting Strength: Class Andre The Giant∞+++ | BIG GREEN PYTHONS

Striking Strength: Class BB+++(Big Boot) | Hogan's Big Boot And Massive Fists Will Wreck You+++

Durability: Beyond WWE Level++++ | Infinity Beyond Infinity Beyond His Muscles++++

Stamina: Beyond Limitless+++++ (Taking all them vitamins and whatnot)

Range: Hoganpresent | Ultimate Hoganpresent++++++∞

Standard Equipment: Prayers and Vitamins, Brother! | Moar Vitamins, Triple H's Shovel, Vince Russo's Booking, The TNA 4-Sided Ring, That Wrecking Ball Still, Gawker's Ass, Yellow Hair Dye

Intelligence: Hoganscient | Ultra Jacked Hoganscient++

Weaknesses: As if brother...

Key: Base Hogan | Composite Exaggerated Hogan

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • The Big Leg Drop Of Doom, Brother!: Hogan delivers his devastating big leg drop that can easily destroy infinite infinities.
Atomic Leg Drop Hogan All Stars

  • Infinity Inch Pythons: Feel the power of your head being crushed underneath Hogan's mighty python arms, brother! RRRRGGG
  • The Slam Heard Round Infinity, Brother!: This mighty slam felled Andre The Giant. And it can drop all others brother!
Hogan Slams Andre

  • Big Boot: The Big Boot is so big, brother! Bigger than you! Better than you! And always followed up by the mighty big leg!
Hogan Big Boot

  • Hulking Up: After taking a beating, Hogan miraculously pumps up, takes more shots, and then points his finger at....YOU!


Notable Victories:

  • Gawker (Took em to court and devastated them, brother!)

Notable Losses:

  • Luigi, Rev and Bulk Bogan (When in Vinewrestle 2017: Summer Slaughter)

Inconclusive Matches:

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