Hopsaber (1)

This is Hop's cross-guard lightsaber, infused with a blue Quixoni crystal. It can cut through anything. Even if it can't injure and separate due to hax, it will pass though and negate that ability, leaving behind a scar that is beyond permanent and negates anti-hax and hax powers to the infinite degree to the infinite degree.

It is responsible for killing and destroying high powered and godly beings, as well as going completely beyond the realms of physics as being part of the Sub Sop Dimension.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Beyond the Memetic version of High 1-A

Name: Hopsaber/Hopsabre

Origin: Shitty dollar store aisle, or Target (sources vary) 

Age: A year 

Classification: Lightsaber 

Wielders: Hop, Sop, Croakey (once) 

Powers and Abilities: Cuts through plot armor, PIS, NLF, all forms of durability+, and negates "defense" to beyond the infinite degree. 

Attack Potency: The term attack potency doesn't even cover this weapon's power. As Copeten would say "YAWN. *destroys mathematics*".

Speed: MFTH+

Durability: Beyond the concept of being physical and damaged 

Range: Beyond Omnisuggversal 

Weaknesses: Can only be used by Hop and his Hopline Bling fusions 


- Cut Skod a PB and Norris Sandwich

- Gave Copeten a feathery hair-cut.

- Fixed Hop's lawn

- Impaled Super Cena fused with Chuck Norris on multiple occasions

- Is way more badass Kylo Ren's pussysaber

Note: This sword is immune to all NLF, hax, anti-hax, and durability in all forms to the infinite degree and ignores all negation and invalidation regardless of how powerful it is. It also cuts right through plot armor and PIS. 

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