The perfect Hopline Bling fusion between Hop Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer and Copetan. A beyond invincible and immortal "being" of completely unstoppable power.

They found this fusion as a necessary means to challenge Skodwarde and Teh Docturr on a fair level. With unmatched speed and power, they are an unstoppable being that stand for might, justice, and most importantly.... JOKES!

Hopetan is HOPE.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Infinitely beyond being infinitely beyond the concept of tiers, so far beyond the concept of true infinity and comprehension, that mortal minds cannot describe the greatness of The Almighty Hopetan. It is not even necessary for beings far above (or even infinitely above) omniscience to try to comprehend Hopetan's true power. Hopetan's strength makes anything above Memetic look like an infinitesimal joke.

Name: Hopetan Coppinten-Copenhiemer The Almighty

Origin: The true friendship of Hop and Copetan... More like a DBZ influence edit-whoring session on Joke Battles Wiki.

Gender: Hopetan is beyond gender definition. Like a Tumblr extremist. Or a casual feminazi.

Age: Completely beyond age. Like a delusional middle-aged balding Joke Battles Wiki commoner.

Classification: Beyond classifications entirely. Words and human thoughts are incapable of its greatness. But Ungodly Entity is pretty close.

Powers and Abilities: Hax beyond hax.

Attack Potency: Truly incomprehensible, even to omnipotent busting entities.

Speed: Almost comparable to Sop's fop speed. ALMOST.

Lifting Strength: Irrelevantly powerful. Completely useless to describe in human comprehension. And yes Hopetan can create anything too heavy for Hopetan to lift, but lifts it because human expectations for omnipotence are too low.

Striking Strength: Enough to penetrate every anti-hax, and invincible being's defense. Twice, at least. Can be worse about if Hoptean wanted to. But now Hopetan is more concerned with defeating inferior characters.

Durability: Even beyond the invincible version of invincible.

Stamina: Do you actually think Hopetan can have limits?

Range: You shouldn't question Hopetan's limitlessness beyond dimensions.

Intelligence: Hopetan knows you're a hairy fluffing scumbag that didn't read everything, you lazy fluffer. 

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