Sleepy Hop

You don't know my face, but you will feel my foot on yours.


Hop is a god mod on VS Battles Wiki, and uses his insane hax to its fullest power, sometimes, even, he uses to save chat in its time of needs. Whether it be a hot debate, or spammers, Hop watches over his realm and keeps it safe and alive through memes and succ-ulent attitude adjustments.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Chat Mod | Chat God | Wikia God

Attack Potency: "You deadass bitch" when kicking | At least "YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOOL"+ when banning | "IM STEALING YO TIMBS AND YO GIRL"

Speed: Dead before you completed your deadass argument about how Mario solos DBS

Striking Strength: OvO (blitzed Thebluedash and other mods for kicks and bans) | OVovoVO (Can match other Discussion Mods in power)

Lifting Strength: Stellar (can bring up your past and get you kicked several times before a godly ban) | Rekt af m8 (in his God form can throw you so far that you would take a couple hours to several months before returning your dead ass to chat) | Do you even thread, bro

Standard Equipment:

  • His dank ass PC - faster than yours, lmao, AMD is for 2nd place
  • Chat Moderator Rights - overrules calc group meme-bers and content mods' rights
  • Experienced Chat Guards - non-staff that assist in B.A.N.s
  • B.A.N. (Beat All N00bs) - rekts all subhuman infidels that try to deface the glory of chat
  • FINAL WORD (Can close and remove threads while controlling what is highlighted on the wiki)

Weaknesses: Administrators & Bureaucrats

Key: Chat Mod (2016) | Chat Mod (2017) | Discussion Mod (2017)



- Spammers ("It wasn't even a battle")


- LordAizenSama (pre-stepping down; got ass handed to him many times)


- Darkanine (challenged Hop, didn't get kicked or banned due to moderator powers)

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