"Power never depended on skill, it depended on your whether you can use it or not."


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Hitomi in her metafictional origin world.

The Orchid is a fanon character currently owned by Minus the Child of Omnipotence/The 2nd Existential Seed. She is the most empathic person in the Omniverse , as well as the Nexus and The Connection to all fandom realities, due to her strong heart connected to the fandom and original characters. Basically, think of an empath who can connect to ALL people who has, can, or will exist in the fandom multiverse, and think of Sora's abilities to connect to people through his heart, but think of a infinitely grander scale . Basically, her powers are Empathic Replication but on an multi-dimensional/Omniversial scale  , and as such: She can replicate their powers, even beings beyond concepts,Omnipotents , Meta-fictional and transfictional entities and such, and views those even, subconsciously as worthless and weak .  It is revealed she has an : An inner world of sorts, ecompassing of infinite knowledge and power, her INNER WORLD unrivaled by NONE currnetly. , seeing beings infinitely greater than beings who are vastly beyond the concept of tiers and the concepts of fighting , as nothing more than a simple grain within the vast sand beach in comparision to her own powers.. , which is partly because of her inner self being the "God" of her in a sense, which explains her ridiculous powers. Her inner sentient powers, personified by a little girl version of herself  , works to try to get her to use her powers, but Hitomi usually is able to resist that urge,  her " Other Self " downwards. Her Inner World usually asists her sometimes without her knowing so, as for it's knowledge and power working for her, rather than against. However ; due note, She is WAY too pacifistic to go for the kill right away, and two: this will INCLUDE connecting to Joke Battles Wikia characters. She is , BY FAR , my most powerful character as of yet.Riley and the others,well...they are good, but Hitomi's simply on a WHOLE different level.


Hitomi at McDonalds

Hitomi at McDonalds, which due to her world existing simultaneously beside the real world, is legitimate.

She has short, reddish-orange hair on the top of her scalp. She is noticably quite fair, and her skin is quite supple, nearing that of a babies suppleness. Her height is consistently average compared to most really short and really tall characters. Her eyes are purely gold, yet somewhat green in the middle in terms of color, making her quite distinguishable among st a crowd or a group. Her body is well rounded, being more matured and of an adults than a high schoolers should be . She usually hides her rather mature and curvaceous body under an black hooded cloak when not using school property, as she hates people looking at her with malice & evil.


Hitomi is described to be a girl with a kind, gentle heart. She doesn't do things unless she is absolutely certain it will not hurt another person's feelings. This has been shown on numerous cases, including when she was more than willing to help a person she just met a few seconds earlier with their problems. Most have simply called her " Motherly " because of the immense amount of love she gives others., to friends, family , and even strangers.


Haruka nanami by kirahokuten-d83iixs

She is the definition of pure-hearted. Without the other beings within her, she won't express herself in any sort of inappropiate way. She doesn't like getting involved with evil or nasty things, but will if means helping out others. She doesn't take flirtations well, and blushes a lot when asked in such a manner.


Nanami haruka uta no pince sama by weronoyume-d4l778o

Hitomi as she appears inside of a fictional world.

Height: 5"6

Weight: 70 pounds

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown.

Name: Hitomi (Orchid) Ninome

Origin: Wonderlands , However, was on of the main protagonist of Crossover: Fate of the Strong 

Gender: Female  l Asexual ( appears female )

Age: 16  l 16 l   Older Than Creation.

Classification: The Female whom Watches, Godlike Telepath , Living Anomaly , The Vessel of God, The Orchid l Influenced One l The Orchid, Goddess, The Observer from Within, Inner "God" .

Powers and Abilities: ( Superpower wikia ) Intuitive Empathic Connection abilities on an Omniversal ( All of Fictional Reality ) scale ,Empathic Shapeshifting , Omnitone,  Conceptual Music,Musical Combat,  Singing Creation,  Tranquil Fury,Absolute Will, Absolute Command, Supreme Voice,  Boundless Inner World , Regeneration ( High ) , Immortality ( types 3 and 4 ) Absolute Existence, Meta-Conceptual Immunity ( the ability to be immune to ALL concepts, including, but not limited to: Death, Life, Existence, Nonexistence ) l Uses the powers of all possible canon and fanon characters, using theur copied souls of all fictional characters, and as such, obtained The Complete Arsenal  l  Immortality ( type 3 & 4 ) Questionable Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence ( As Omnipotence can be stated, implied, or stated by feats, but can never truly be proven ) , Unrestricted Wishes, Supreme Voice , Omniversal Creation & Destruction, Deny & Approval ( can deny aspects of reality on a whim , as well as approve them )

Potential Destruction Capability: Unknown, ranges from Average Human Level to Multi-TransInfinite Omega Omnisphere, but it's likely infinitely higher . ( Recreated The Omega Omnisphere with an nonexistent ( less than 0% ) of her power. As the Omni-Creator and Connector , she has the powers of all joke characters combined, making her exactly level of power impossible to even fathom. Views fictional continuities subconsciously as tiny specks, an comparision is made to, is like a atom compared to the infinitely growing multiverse. Created a Pocket-version of the Omega Omnisphere it just for the heck of it. Subconsciously recreated her Multiverse multiple times, which was stated to have infinite multiverses and several dimensional structures, including the concepts on an infinite dimensional and beyond, and was able to transcend it all for a few moments, before stopping because of personal preference . Her power at several times was stated to be "beyond dimensional structure and beyond , limitless beyond mortal and transcendent nature " . Is infinitely greater than a being who is infinitely beyond  beings who are easily infinitely beyond dimensions. Infinite Dimensions are nothing more than a tiny drop, located inside of a ocean as vast as the pacific in comparison. However, her powers usually fluctuate depending on her desire to be normal or special, which depends on her emotions.  Has been stated nore than once to be able infinitely surpass both in power, and created) l Unknown. At the very least Multi-Omega Omnisphere level+ ), likely Multi-TransInfinite Omega Omnisphere level+++, (Her split personalities are on par with Hitomi, due to literally being her) with Split Persona/Dual Personas l Unknown, At the very Multi-Infinite Omega Omnisphere + , likely True Infinity using her "Influenced Mode " (Is connected to the beings of ALL fictional realities ( fandom, joke, Suggverse, etc. ) , including beings whom far surpasses that of infinite dimensional structure and infinitely beyond, and infinity beyond. Beings that haven't been, have been, transcended fiction transfinitely, etc. Even has obtained the copies of every True Infinite being, And beyond metafictional beings. But, keep in mind that a true infinites power plus a true infinites power is always true infinite, so having 5 copies of a supremely true infinite being vs one infinite being would be an stalemate of inconceivable proportations . ).  l At the very least Multi-Infinite Omega Omnisphere level +  (It was shown on an casual showing that the duo re-created an infinite number of Omega Omnisphere ) , likely Multi-TransInfinite Omega Omnisphere level+++ ( Is pretty much the darkness and light of Hitomi, so they basically re her in a nutshell, so they should be on par with her. Stated to view Morgan as nothing more than a nuisance they would destroy. ) when using her dark & light powers . l At the very least Multi-Omega Omnisphere Level, likely Multi-Transinfinite Omega Omnisphere level+++ when using Bannou ( Is the sentient version of her powers,described as being a being who has transcended existence and nonexistence concepts, entering the realm of boundlessness, on the level that not even people whom are infinitely above people who are infinitely above infinite dimensional space can acheive. Re-created an Infinite number of Omega Omnispheres) l At the very least Multi-Omega Omnisphere Level +, likely True Infinity when using her Spirit Guardian ( Is her soul given life, which can endure both Bannou & was stated to be on par with. Bannou & Spirit Guardian are essentially the same, but different aspects of Hitomi in a nutshell, similar to U-DO and Abel & his eyes. ) l Ranges from Average Human Level to AT the very least Multi-Omega Omnisphere + when using Summons , likely Multi-Transinfinite Omega Omnisphere level+++ ( She can summon constructs and existences from within herself, even metafictional characters, and can control them easily. This was demonstrated when she summoned an infinite copy of

RangeUnknown ( is the combination of ALL known and unknown fandom, memetic, and canon [yes, including suggverse ] characters, so her level of range cannot be exactly identified. )

Speed: Can range from Peak-Human to Unknown ( When using an nonexistent (literally less than 0%) of her power, she subconsciously deflected a blast from Morgan & Arthur when they charged her, and repelled them backwards. Both Morgan and Arthur are Irrevelant in speed, so being able to keep up with them subconsciously and being able to knock them back is impressive at least. Her speed fluncuates to any conceivable and inconceivable level depending on her desire at that given moment, though subconsciously her reaction time is at the very least Instantaneous [Irrevelant] due to being able to somehow subconsciously seeing Arthur and Morgan coming, then counteracting them simultaneously. She is a lot faster than characters who are suprmeely infinitely beyond the concept of Omnipresence, atan nonexistent, with less than 0% of her power. Subconsciously repelled attacks from characters who infinitely upon infinitely transcends Memetic characters. ) l Unknown She is infnitely faster than immeasurable & irrevelant speeds, and is able to move beyond the concept of time. Infinitely beyond the concept of Omnipresence, and stated that she was everywhere, in the Meta-Fictional Multiverse she is in. Has consistently been stated to be in more than one place in the Alternate Omniverse,A place of metafictional proportions, even when she is connected to Hitomi's soul . This proves Omnipresence as her existence is within everything, conceptual and non-copereal )

Lifting Strength: Unknown ( is the combination of ALL known and unknown fandom, memetic, and canon [yes, including suggverse] characters, so her level of lifting strength cannot be exactly identified. )

Striking StrengthUnknown ( is the combination of ALL known and unknown fandom, memetic, and canon [yes, including suggverse] characters, so her level of striking strength cannot be exactly identified. )

Durability: Unknown ( has been stated several times hat NOTHING in existence is capable of truly killing her. ) l Unknown

Weaknesses: Hitomi is quite pacifistic in nature, and really shy l Her split personalities are quite crazed in their own rights l Her influenced mode is cocky and arrogant l Her light & darkness tend to argue quite a bit l Bannou usually ignores a detail l Her Spirit Guardian is just as pacifistic, but unlike Normal HItomi, she is very gentle, and prefers holding back rather than obliterating her enemies l None Notable

Discussion for Weaknesses: Her weaknesses are based on the fact of if a human were to gain limitless power and knowledge . Still holding on to their humanity, yet not completely accepting this nature. Her power can automatically range, due to being the Vessel of the Creator, from the lowest to the highest , depending on her current desires .. Her power is sentient, the remaining essence of the Creator, has no mind of it's own, and can do whatever it wishes to assist Hitomi. Very similar to Azathoth as these limitations don't hinder her power at the very slightest, but they DO hinder what she does with them, and what she'll do at the given time.Due to her obscene level, these weaknesses can be changed at the drop of of a hat, rendering them useless .

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