Mark "Hercule" Satan is the most powerful character in Dragon Ball history, since he said so himself. Since he said he can beat Beerus, who can destroy EVERYTHING, he definitely can, considering his apparent victory against the omnipotent Majin Buu.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 0, likely High 0 | -1

Name: Mark "Hercule" Satan

Origin: Dragon Ball Z

Gender: Inapplicable, though technically male

Age: Inapplicable, though seems to be in his forties, possibly even his fifties

Classification: Human who is somehow also an omnipotent being that can go Super Saiyan

Powers and Abilities: Omnipotence, skilled in Martial Arts

Attack Potency: At least True Infinity (defeated Majin Buu, who was stated to be omnipotent), likely High True Infinity+ (minus Beerus, he has never needed to go all-out) | Beyond True Infinity (defeated Beerus, who can destroy EVERYTHING, AKA the omniverse)

Speed: At least Omnipresent (via scaling from his AP), likely High Omnipresent+ (again, scaling) | Beyond Omnipresent (scaling)

Lifting Strength: At least True Infinity, likely High True Infinity+ | Beyond True Infinity

Striking Strength: At least True Infinity, likely High True Infinity+ | Beyond True Infinity

Durability: At least True Infinity (tanked blows from Majin Buu, who, again, is omnipotent), likely High True Infinity+ | Beyond True Infinity (tanked omniverse-busting blows from Beerus, though Beerus has yet to display his full power)

Stamina: Omni-Limitless (can sustain his Super Saiyan form for as long as he wants)

Range: Omniversal | Beyond Omniversal

Standard Equipment: Overpowered cheats, even though he rarely uses them due to his sheer power

Intelligence: Omniscient | Beyond Omniscient

Weaknesses: None

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Dynamite Kick: Mr. Satan used this against Perfect Cell. The technique is an instant kill against Cell.

Satan Punch: Mr. Satan's signature move, this is an overpowered punch preceded by Satan shouting "Satan Punch!" when he uses it.

Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch: Mister Satan used this attack to defeat Android 18 and win the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. He punches the opponent many times and finishes with a powerful punch. However, this technique is absolute overkill against someone like Android 18.


Notable Victories:

Perfect Cell (Stomp)

Android 18 (Godstomp)

Majin Buu (Stomp)

Beerus (Almost a stomp, though Hercule was at his best while Beerus was only using 70% power)

Notable Losses:

Vados (Got rejected)

The Dragon Ball fandom (Their salt was too much for poor old Hercule)

Inconclusive Matches:

None yet.

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