Arena Summary

Unknown landspace

Well it may look nice but it can get worst…..

This place is where souls go to the moon itself is where the souls go to but it holds more secrets than it looks normally it only allows people that past the trial to get inside fully (though for fights that has been taken off)

Time Of Day: Time doesn't exist in this place…..

Weather: N/A doesn't have weather in hell

Location: Hell's centre (though technically hell is infinite so no real centre just a moon to show its landmark :/)

Arena Size: Infinite

This Arena May Benefit: Blue Moon heals ppl

This Arena May Impair: Souls that can keep u immobilize but if the moon goes red at anytime it can take the souls of combatants no matter what you have to show damage for the moon to kill you. More effects to be added. Also this forces damage on people

Items: Nothing

Starting Theme Of The Battlefield: Sworn through swords

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