Elecman Has Left The Building-000:30

Elecman Has Left The Building-0

as elec man killed megaman, his energy and power became too great. he was lifted from his feet and raised into the gates of valhalla, as the other robot masters watched in horrific silence. godspeed, elecman

Powers and Stats

Tier: 3-A (Became one with the universe after ascending but is FAR POWERFUL then the entire mega man universe) I ?????????? (After fully ascending, Elec man decided that he has no use for tiers and is far beyond them but ascended that too and thus he fulfilled his journey and became one with the multi-omega omnisphere

Name: Fully Ascended Elec Man

Origin: 20 years after the events of mega man zx advent, He has ascended and became one with all. I Is part of the grand dad verse due to being inspried by a high quality rip

Age: Despite being as old as 20 years after mega man zx advent, He has ascended aging as well

Classification: Godspeed Elec Man

Powers and Abllities: Ultimate Divine Omni-Lightning, Whatever he wants because he has ascended powers and abllities

Attack Potency: Killed MegaMan Level+

Speed: Godspeed Omnipresent (Ascended with everything and thus he is everywhere at once)

Lifting Strength: Lifted lightning itself defying a 1,000% of all of logic

Striking Strength: Unknownly Unknown that it's more unknown then if humanity is real or not

Durabillty: Too great for feeble smart minds

Stamina: Ascended stamina itself

Range: The omni-lightning can shoot anywhere elec man wills

Intelligence: Just as smart as a super computer after ascending intelligence

Weaknesses: Ice

The Joke: oh I get it

because the level is about going up


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