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Halo is a popular game Franchise created by Bungie in 2001 and now continued by 343 Industries. It has spawned 3 sequels, 2 prequels, a few books, a comic series and an anime. it is also widely regarded as Xbox's best, beating Mass effect, Gears of War and Call of Duty in sales.

Note: This verse is for joke profiles relating to the series. More serious profiles go here.

Power of the verse

Different people view its power differently.

On one side we have the insane Halo wankers who think the Precursors are complex multiversal and that the Covenant can beat the Imperium of Man

Then there is the sensible side. Those who think the Covenant are in the megaton level. The UNSC is pretty backwards, and view the Forerunners as one of the top tiers of fiction, while still waiting for feats to quantify the Precursors.

But then there is a dark side... People who believe Covenant ships are only building level, the speed of light in Halo is slower than the SoL in real life. They think the nukes are only grenade level. That Covenant Ships can be taken down with weapons that are only 1.1 gigajoules. That UNSC weapons are only WW1 tier. That the Forerunners were taken down by the Flood in the games and not the Floodcursors. They think that the books cannot be allowed and are noncanon, but that only gameplay can be used (Which leads to... problems)

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