Two years ago. September 13 2014. After a nintendo interview super smash bros 4 released and however there was a mistake maken however. Greninja. He became a big threat to the super smash bros universe and months later however. Sakurai nerfed him anyway. But he has been there all along during the release of the first super smash bros game. Hiding and hiding all along. Till he gets into a new super smash bros game and in 2014. His goal succeded and he soloed the ssb verse till sakurai came

Powers and Stats:

Tier: Memetic | Tier-1 Top Tier 




Age: When super smash bros released. Actually greninja is too cool for ages

Origin: Super Smash Bros 4

Classification: Ninja Frog

Powers and Abllities: OPness, Ninja Powers

Attack Potency: Who Cares?

Speed: Enough speed to be a good ninja

Lifting Strength: Lifted water with ease but only broke a tiny bit of logic.

Striking Strength: Can beat you up like a peeble if your not damn careful

Durability: Depends on Stamina

Stamina: ...

Range: Was trained in the arts of shruiken throwing 101. Also trained by alpharad

Standard Equipment: Water Shurikens

Intelligence: Knows about the existence of tiers

Weaknesses: Nerf guns

Type: Water/Dark

Moveset: A good moveset.

Feats: Soloed all of super smash bros, Destroyed master hand with ease, Made for glory players cry

Key: Base Greninja | Top Tier | Full Power

Notable Attacks/Techinques: Good ninja skills.

Notable Victories/Losses

Notable Wins:

The entire super smash bros multiverse. Fan games included

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (Greninja did betterposes thenthemand then the jojo verse died all of a sudden)

Diddy Kong (Pre-1.0.6)

Notable Losses:

Sakurai Himself

Inconlusive Matches/Possible Victories:

Kids using Nerf Guns

Mega Man (ScrewAttack) (They were having a friendly conversation till they realized their battle was a mismatch and thus this will never happen on greninja's next battles.)

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