Presenting the man with a 173 win streak, the icon of WCW, GOLDBERG!

Powers and Stats

Tier: Memetic Tier+

Name: Bill Goldberg

Origin: WCW/WWE

Gender: Male

Age: 49 (Born December 27, 1966)

Classification: Human/Professional Wrestler

Powers and Abilities: Ultimate Striking, Ultimate Power, Pure Intensity

Attack Potency: Memetic Level+ (Probably the strongest wrestler in WCW history, defeated foes like Hollywood Hogan, The Giant, Triple H during H's burial run, SQUASHED BROCK LESNAR in about 2-3 minutes at Survivor Series 2016, is likely the only wrestler to beat Lesnar in both his incarnations)

Speed: Spearpresent

Lifting Strength: Giant Class++++ (Hoisted the likes of The Giant/Big Show and Mark Henry with ease)

Striking Strength: Class CNCSN (Retired Bret Hart with a vicious kick)

Durability: Memetic Level+ (It took Kevin Nash with some assistance from Scott Hall and a taser to end his winning streak)

Stamina: Moderate (Why do you think most of his matches were squashes? Then again he did pull off a good match with Diamond Dallas Page...)

Range: Wrestlepresent

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: High (Has a very good school pedigree)

Weaknesses: Tasers, Really Long Matches

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Spear: (Goldberg charges into his foe with such brutal force, they feel it for eternity)
Goldberg Spear

  • Jackhammer: Goldberg hoists his foe high, then jackhammers said foe deep into oblivion.
Goldberg Jackhammer


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