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DBS happened. The end.

Powers & Stats

Name: Son Goku

Tier: -1

Gender: All

Age: Wall Level

Classification: God, omni

Powers and abilities: All, except being a good character

Attack Potency: Irrelevant+ (10,000 Goku's can defeat EGD) Beyond True Infinity with prep and transformations (Killed TOAA and the Primal Monitor both at once in SSJ55865865586589685688) - Raped Zen-o in SSJGSSJ4 KKX100 form

Speed: Immeasurable (Quick enough to outrun outliers with ease even in SSJ-1)

Lifting Strength: Inapplicable (Not much feats to suggest he is strong, but due to him being Goku we have to ignore this weakness)

Striking Strength: Immeasurable (Obviously translates to AP kek, see AP)

Durability: High Hyperversal, Beyond True Infinity with prep and transformations (All those things suggesting he is a glass cannon have to be ignored, because he is Goku; see AP)

Stamina: Beyond Infinity (Can fight multiple omnis at once without a sweat)

Range: Beyond Infinite due to being Goku

Standard Equipment: A stick, a cloud that is only Mach 1 that is faster than him, senzoo beens

Intelligence: Infinite (Nothing suggests he is a genius, yet is Goku so is infinite)

Weaknesses: His quality, him losing to Superman via quality, fanbase, his dead franchise

Notable attacks and techniques 

laser beams





multiple forms


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