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Tier: 9-B | 8-C | Low 7-A, 7-A with Kaio-Ken  

Name: Goku, Weaku, Geeko

Classification: Still human

Attack Potency: Wall level+ (Destroyed a car somewhat) | Building level (Managed make a few meter hole in a mountain when fighting Vegeta) | Low mountain level (Could destroy bits of a mountain), mountain level with Kaio-Ken (10x stronger than that)

Durability: Sub-Human level (Was scared of needles) | Human level+ (Survived a rock hit on him [Totally not filler]) | Wall level (Almost killed by a laser. But if you say that the laser's strength wasn't specified, that's bullcrap. Look at how small it was.)

Speed: Peak human | FTE | Sub-sonic (Needed Flying Nimbus to fly)

Lifting Strength: 40 tons

Weaknesses: Needles, lasers, rocks, lava, 41 tons

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