Ghandi (sometimes refurred to as Gundhie or Gundiemun) is a backstabbing, nuking bastard.

Powers and stats

Tier: At least 7-B, possibly much higher | 6-A | 5-A, possibly low Memetic tier

Origin: Civilization

Age: At least 7,000 years old (appears as an old man in 5,000 BC) | 8,000 years old | Beyond the concept of time

Gender: Male | Cyborg Male | Genderless but appears male

Classification: Anti-Christ | Cyborg | Destroyer of worlds

Powers and abilities: Supply of a global military and worlds nuke stockpile | Superhuman strength and nuclear fist | Unknown, but single handily took over an alien planet.

Attack Potency: At least City level via nukes | Continent level (took over all of North America) | Large Planet (Casually busted an unknown amount of planets)

Speed: Slower than average human (slow as fuck) | Unknown, most likely at least Superhuman | Unknown, most likely faster than Mecha Gandhi

Durability: Paper+ | At least City level | Unknown, at least City level (survived countless bombs and nukes)

Intelligence: High, extremely cunning and manipulative | Genius+ level | Super Genius++ level (brain is literally a super computer)

Weaknesses: A decent defensive military | None known | None known

Notable Attacks:

  • Warrior Spam (only in Civ IV)
  • War Chariot Spam (only in Civ IV)
  • Nuke
  • Domination

Key: Base form | Mecha Gandhi | Robo Gandhi

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