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That guy.


Some mystery man who slipped on a banana peel and died and is the father of two overrated skeleton dudes

Powers and Stats

Tier: Hyperverse Level (basically has 66666 attack which is basically above all undertale characters... May or may not include asriel) I Tier 0 I Likely immensly higher

Name: W.D. Gaster

Origin: Undertale. Actually gaster absorbed the concept of origins

Gender: Male

Age: Ageless

Classification: Mystery Man, Missingno's Long Lost Cousin

Powers and Abilities: Omnipotence, Reality Warping, Gaster Blasters and crap

Attack Potency: Hyperverse Level I Omnipotent (Above sans) I Depends on the oppoment's strength (Can turn into a hologram of you and make your attacks attack you instead and crap)

Speed: Unknown

Lifting Strength: At least Ice Cube Level++

Striking Strength: ...

Durability: Small Hyperverse Level I True Infinity (Nothing, Not even hax can attack him. He doesn't exist damn it)

Stamina: Undertale doesn't have stamina. It's a damn rpg, What is this SSB?

Range: He's good at making touhou bullet patterns

Standard Equipment: His hands which he eats and drinks if he's hungry

Intelligence: Just as smart as albert einstein I Omniscient

Weaknesses: Gaster absorbed the concept of weaknesses. Except for banana peels which can trip him if he's not careful. Despite it being his only weakness, Gaster would find it irrevelant and destroy said banana peel if he wants to.

Key: Average Gaster I Deprived Gaster I Gaster 2.0.

Feats: After falling to the core, Gaster can be seen anywhere in reality, fiction, non-fiction, non-everything and more, According to some youtube commenter you must destroy reality to fight him

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Magical Hands, Limitless Absorbing, Levitation

Theme Song: Don't worry he has a hella cool one


Notable Victories:

The Undertale Verse. All of it

Some other verses he soloed, Not even demonbane stands a chance against gaster

"Notable Losses" (Gaster can just reflect his opponent's attacks by shapeshifting into said opponent to make the opponent's attacks attack said opponent instead. Even infinity and beyond attacks apply dear god my brain hurts from making and reading this page)

Inconclusive Matches:

Missingno (Gaster realized he was his cousin)