Mikser naruto sabaku no gaara tattoo close-up face portrait sand 30447 1024x1024

Tier: 10-S(sand)

Name: Sabaku no Gaara

Origin: Naruto

Classification: Sand Guy

Age: 17

Gender: Male(goes by san, sand, sands, sandself pronouns)

Powers and abilities: Controls sand(it's just sand).

Destructive Capacity: Sand level+

Durability: Sand level+

Speed: However fast sand is.

Lifting strength: Sand level+

Striking strength: Not strong enough to pierce Toph's spunk armor.

Range: Places that have sand.

Stamina: Less than a 12 year old girl.

Intelligence: Knows about sand.

Standard equipment: Gravel. No just kidding it's sand.

Weaknesses: Spunky twelve year olds.

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