Fred Durst

The king of Nu Metal.


Fred Durst is the frontman for legendary rap metal/nu metal band Limp Bizkit. He is known for his amazing rapping skills and catchy badass music. Oh and he flipped the bird on a PG Summerslam PPV. Take THAT, child friendly entertainment!

Powers and Stats

Tier: God Of Nu Metal

Name: William Fredrick Durst

Origin: Limp Bizkit

Gender: Male

Age: 45 (Born August 20, 1970)

Classification: Human/Musician/God Of Nu Metal

Powers and Abilities: Breakin Stuff, Crackin Skulls, Rollin, Pure Badassery, Nu Metal Godhood

Attack Potency: Durst Level (Holds domain over Nu Metal with Limp Bizkit, though Korn is a regular challenger, transcends all forms of badassery)

Speed: Rollin (The Undertaker uses his music, and Durst is also badass fast, so combine that with Taker's bike for extra effect)

Lifting Strength: Class Durst (Lifted an actual Limp Biscuit)

Striking Strength: Break Stuff Level

Durability: Badass (Has survived the ire of many metal purists)

Stamina: Unlimited (Fred can rap for all eternity)

Range: Everybody all around the world!

Standard Equipment: Microphone, A Limp Biscuit, Cap

Intelligence: Super Genius (His rapping skills are so articulate, badass, and profound, they can be pondered in so many different ways. Fred did this on purpose)

Weaknesses: He's a very divisive character, his band got blamed for killing Nu Metal


  • Is a god of Nu Metal



Notable Victories:

  • T-Pain (Broke all his auto tune equipment, making T-Pain cry)
  • Beastie Boys (Crashed their right to party, broke stuff, then cracked skulls)
  • Justin Bieber (Just because)

Notable Losses:

  • WWE Security (Got escorted out of a SummerSlam event for flipping the bird)

Inconclusive Matches:

  • Korn

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