Fox McCloud is the best character in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Powers and Stats

Tier: A (64 and Smash 4), SS (Melee), C (Brawl)

Name: Fox McCloud

Origin: Star Fox / Starwing (PAL)

Gender: Male

Age: 20XX

Classification: Top Tier

Powers and Abilities: Piloting skill, blaster, Fox Illusion, Fire Fox, martial arts, that up smash, not being falco, shine, shine spike, wave shine, drill shine, multi-shine.

Attack Potency: 9-B individually, 3-C with wombo combos

Speed: fast

Lifting Strength: can lift any character across the Smash Bros. series

Striking Strength: up to 18% (clean up smash)

Durability: Fox level

Stamina: Special Smash is for filthy casuals

Range: one fist short

Standard Equipment: Blaster, shine

Intelligence: 20XX iq points

Weaknesses: Combos, Chaingrabs, horizontal KOs, gimping

Notable Attacks/Techniques: various shines techniques and combos


Notable Victories: All exlcuded 

Notable Losses: Marth

Inconclusive Matches: Other Fox mains

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