Arena Summary

The foggy graveyard, ambient, creepy, spooky. Ghosts and zombies abound, a few necromancers and gravewatchers drifting about.

Time Of Day: Varies, and it's too foggy anyway to see

Weather: Usually Foggy, with intervals of thunder and rain.

Location: Some random haunted graveyard

Arena Size: Infinite

This Arena May Benefit: Ghosts, more dark type creatures, smoke users and smoke beings, masters of the dead and undead (necromancers, clarivoyants) as well as more dark oriented characters, (goths, dark musicians) and weather masters.

This Arena May Impair: Characters with poor vision, characters afraid of ghosts, the dead, darkness, or creepy things in general, fire beings (due to the rain)

Items: Coffins, Tombstones, Tombstone Monuments, Flower Pots

Starting Theme Of The Battlefield: Some random creepy atmospheric graveyard music

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