fluttershy is the Element of Kindness and the current Goddess of Kindness. She, as agreed upion by all 3 Princesses and the Protectros, is that she has the overall most potential of the Main Six. Thouugh unlike the others, her timid nature tends to get in the way of confrontations. Compare and contrast witht he nature of Gohan. She is labeled as one of the strongest of the Main Six, despite not having as much fighting ability as the others. She is revealed to be connected to an godlke power that is tied to an deep anger within her , a Beast powerful enough to pose a threat to the Dragon Ball: Multiverse,  but this power has yet to be unleashed yet. 

Powers & Stats

Tier: 3-A l Higher with Transformations l At least 3-A.Name: Fluttershy

Fluttershy equestria girl by negasun-d6d4zr3

Age: 18 


Classification: Saiyan Hybrid / Human Hybrid / Saiyan Goddess 

Destructive Capacity: Universal Level ( Stated to be on par with Beerus.  ) l Higher with Transformations l At least Universal Level when Potential is Unleashed ( Is stated to one day surpass even  Tirek, whom fodderized Celestia, Luna, and Cadence (Whom are on the same level as Whis is ) , when her truest potential is unleashed.

Speed: MFTL+  l Higher with Transformations l MFTL+ ( In the Quintillions )

Lifting Strength: Unknown l Higher with Transformations l Unknown when Potential is Unleashed.

Striking Strength: Universal Class l Higher with Transformations l At least Universal Class

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless l Slightly drains her energy when using Super Saiyajin Forms l Unknown

Notable Attacks & Techniques


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