Fine Bros Straight Outta Subscribers

Don't react....


The FineBros are famous for their React videos on YouTube. They made many quality reaction compilation videos, with high quality editing and effects. But then they tried to trademark "React" videos as a whole. Their subscribers dropped and everything went to poo poo.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 💩 Tier | Beyond the concept of tiers (they trademarked it)

Name: FineBros, Benny Fine, Rafi Fine

Origin: YouTube

Gender: Both Male

Age: Both in their 30s

Classification: Human/YouTube Celebrity

Powers and Abilities: Trademarking, Getting Videos Taken Down, Backpedaling, Losing Subscribers

Attack Potency: 💩 Level (slightly higher if you react)

Speed: Instantaneous Reaction Speeds (will get your channel taken down immediately)

Lifting Strength: Class TM

Striking Strength: They got struck to the tune of 400,000 lost subscribers

Durability: Removed Video Level

Stamina: They quickly rescinded their trademark ideas

Range: -400,000

Standard Equipment: Macbooks and older people. Sometimes kids and teens.

Intelligence: Low (They seriously thought people wouldn't be pissed?)

Weaknesses: Pissed off subscribers, internet backlash



Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

  • 400,000 Subscribers
  • The livestream that tracked their subscriber count dropping
  • The Internet in general

Inconclusive Matches:

  • Ellen Degeneres (they tried calling her out but she didn't even bother responding)

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