Powers And Abilities

Tier: 8-C

Name: Fe

Age: 11

Gender: Is a female but doesn't know it

Abilities: Reality Warping, Karmic Retribution (Damage dealt to her is reflected), Crisis Blade (A blade made for destroying entities higher dimensional than her, has the ability to bypass durability of under dimensional and 3-D characters), Obsolete Room (while she is in battle the speeds of all entities are reversed, i.e. nigh-omnipresence and omnipresence are destroyed immediately here), Mirror of Shadows (Summons a counterpart of equal stats and abilities of the enemy), Deus EX (Not known by any omniscients), Regen (Mid-Low) it reaches (Godly-High) with the use of Golden Experience, Morning Star (Immunity to reality warping as well as soul manipulation or destroying powers), Enviro Protection (Attacks that would damage the surroundings won’t work (i.e. Final Explosion from Vegeta, Higher Dimension characters can’t fight her indirectly, etc…)

Attack Potency: Large Building Level+ but can bypass durability.

Durability: City Block level+

Striking Strength: Class GJ

Lifting Strength: Class M

Speed: Hypersonic+

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