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He's that one guy who discusses news (not a news channel) and creates the most amount of hype in any YouTube channel ever made. He also makes a lot of videos by making Nintendo commentary and reactions.

Power and Stats

Tiers: 9001-A

Name: Etika Desmond.(My Boy)

Origin: Youtube

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Weakness: Dugtrios

Stamina: Can take multiple light bulbs to the head and did not falter to glass in his feet; tkes multiple shot and tells story of wild'n out at Twitch-con.

Weapons: lotion, his waifus and the legendary haramblade

Attack Potency: He can eviscerate a nigga

Durability: He rode a train to the sun this train is know as "The Hype Train"

Range:not 12 inches, but 10-11 inches


Notable victories: like one for glory match

Notable loses: The wolf bet (His nuts will be missed)

Inconclusive Matches: Unknown