So there's this one guy that played the saxophone when we weren't expecting it. It changed everything. It stopped wars, ended world hunger, cured all diseases, granted all wishes, made everyone equal, and saved the universe equivalent of omniverses from extinction. It was truly beautiful.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unclassified, but at least Beyond Memetic+ (More than beyond what Memetic characters are capable of, even Chuck Norris at full power)

Name: Epic Sax Guy

Origin: Some stupid band, and weird event no one recalls anything about except for the sax guy.

Gender: Saxophonic

Age: Like, beyond agelessness+

Classification: Human, God, Saxophonist from the realm beyond the concept of being beyond the concept of realms

Powers and Abilities:

- Above Mastery of Saxophone Manipulation

- Lubrication (Makes even men wet with sweat in the sight of his epic sax playing)

Attack Potency: Are you f***ing kidding?+

Speed: Immeasurably broken, but still below Hopelavistic.

Lifting Strength: It's not even fair+

Striking Strength: Has no such thing as "full power" and therefore beyond power and infinity+++ (severely downplayed)

Durability: Invincible and immovable.

Stamina: At least 10 hours of Sax playing, however most beings are erased from omniversal and beyond existence after this point.

Range: From the window, to the wall+

Standard Equipment: Saxophone, and striped pants

Intelligence: Above what we are capable of defining with words 

Weaknesses: Beyond weakness and damage, for he cannot be interrupted.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Stealing the Show (Completely takes all attention away from the rest of a performance or fight)

- Sax (Can make one orgasm with just one sine wave of his saxophone)

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