Hop head-0

This is the lowest Hop goes. Which is, forever beyond omnipotence. And this tribute to him is... well... Let's just pretend it's nothing too special.


Well. If you're not brain dead, it would be obvious Hop is beyond omni-whatevs, infinitely. This JPEG of his head still contains an aspect of this power. So far beyond the concept of power, that even the Dark Side of The Flop is jealous. Which is the grossest part of the Sopverse.

The Hop head mainly exists in chat, on the wiki, and pretty much all around the omniversal universe. He's a pretty chill guy. Once in a while he will give you cringe videos, or annoy you endlessly. Even if jokingly, he will get you attention, as it feeds his "power pool".

Apply directly to the forehead for all of its power.

Warning: Don't make direct contact with the Hop emoticon. At all costs.


How dare you
U w0t m8-0

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