Ellen baker

Van Halen, eat your heart out.


Ellen Baker is an anime-esque teacher from the New Horizon English learning Japanese book series. And then the fandoms got ahold of her. And then...i'd rather not talk about it.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B | Ruined

Name: Ellen Baker

Origin: New Horizon

Gender: Female

Age: Likely early 20s

Classification: Human/Teacher/Corrupted By The Internet

Powers and Abilities: Teaching

Attack Potency: Human Level | NSFW Level

Speed: Average Human | Massively Faster Than Churned Out Fan Art

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Class MLNZ

Striking Strength: Class H | Probably involves a damn ruler

Durability: Human Level | Fandom Level (Has survived multiple NSFW fanarts)

Stamina: Likely Average | Uhhhhhhh....

Range: Melee Range | The Internet

Standard Equipment: Standard Teaching Tools | Whatever Her Fandom Drew For Her

Intelligence: Very High (Being a teacher helps)

Weaknesses: All that fanart....

Key: New Horizon Books | The Internet

Notable Attacks/Techniques: N/A


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