Goku Time

Time Stop?, not on Goku's watch

P​owers and Stats

Tier: 3-A

Name: Dragon Ball Super Episode 39/ Duragon Bowl Suppa

Origin: A studio that finally pulled themselves together...sorta

Gender: Omnisexual (was able to hype every fan up)

Age: 2 Days

Classification: Time Stop, Time Skip, Downplayers Poison, Hax Resitance, Downplaying Resitance

Powers and Abilities: Time Resitance and Immunity, Time Manipulation, Nightmare Inducement (to downplayers), Downplayer Manipulation (You can't downplay this, either way Goku still benefits from it), Hype Manipulation, Water Manipulation (via downplayers crying), Fire Manipulation (Increased the flame wars even further beyond), Winning Debates, Increasing Wanking.

Attack Potency: Universe level (SSB+ Kaio-ken proceeded to shut every DB hater up)

Speed: Infinite (Via Boomstick Theorem)

Lifting Strength: Class G+ (or God+, Rose the bar for DB, which considering episode 12, is really saying something)

Striking Strength: Universal Class (10x greater than a punch with 1/6 universe power)

Durability: Untouchable (You can't downplay the feat)

Stamina: More than 4 Minutes

Range: Hyperversal (It was strong enough to transcend the 4th and destroy every argument that the downplayers made)

Standard Equipment: Universal Goku via Kaio-ken, Confirmation of Hit's ability being Time Stop/Time Skip,

Intelligence: Extremely High (Smart enough to not just give Goku insane power but hax as well)

Weaknesses:  Toriyama forgetting DB has this kind of power...oh wait guess that's not happening

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

SSB+Kaioken: By combining SSB with the Kaio-ken technique Goku was able to reach multi-universal level of strength, not only that but it also allowed him to become immune to Hit's technique.

Time Stop/Time Skip: Hit's ability to stop time and skip it, this useful technique was the one that allowed Goku to push himself beyond his SSB transformation by combining the Kaio-ken with it. After combining the transformation and the technique, Goku was able to gain a immunity to it.


Notable Victories:

Downplayers everywhere

Your hopes and dreams

The fear that hax trump over DB characters everytime

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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